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THE JOURNEY : Prayer Journal for C.R.M.C. Oncology Patients 

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a Prayer Volunteer for this special project. 


Please design your pages and return completed to:


Anne Swartzentruber

(229 )- 456 - 2509


Tiffanie Gibson

(229) - 220 - 2654

Instructions as follows: 

• Please handwrite the attached prayer once on each page, using portrait  orientation, (punched holes on the left side of the page) 

• Try to use only the front of the card, but if you need to, you may use the  backside. 

• Write your first name on the bottom of the card. 

• Decorate your card any way you like with drawings, shading, etc.

• I’ve included an extra card in case there’s a mistake, but if you don’t use it  for a prayer, you may write a Bible verse or an encouraging note on it.  

Please call or text with any questions.

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